The Science Behind the Oil

01. Research

The Omega Oil team focuses on creating the purest oil in the market, a process that is founded in thorough research of the product, the extraction process, and the most cutting edge trends and technologies in the industry.

02. Design

Omega Oil was designed with the cannabis consumer in mind – aimed at giving you the ultimate experience.

03. Develop

Omega Oil has been meticulously extracted, tested, and refined to yield the the purest possible product – an amber oil that looks, tastes, and puffs to perfection.

Our Flavors

On average, Omega Oil contains more than 70% premium HTC.

California Orange

Euphoric uplifted sativa — hybrid citrus, orange, sweet!

Lemon Cookies

2015 Hightimes Winner — Citrus, tart, happy uplifting.

Raspberry Cookies

Indica dominate hybrid — strong berry blended flavor.

Strawberry Dutchess

Indica dominate hybrid — strawberry, strong & sweet.

Watermelon Bubblegum Kush

Indica dominate hybrid — fruity watermelon.


Coming soon.

OG Kush

 Coming soon.
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